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The best payment methods for freelance writers

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Freelance writers who work for companies or get orders directly from clients should know the way they will receive payments for their writer jobs before fulfilling the first order. Some clients offer the choice of how freelance writers will like to be paid, still in reality they only pay one particular way. If a freelance writer does not specify and choice the method of payment he would like to be paid for his online writing jobs, he may find himself in an unpleasant situation. Before accepting the work, it’s necessary for freelance writers to choose and conform the method of payment that is the best for them to keep the money coming.

There are a couple of different payment methods for freelance writers to be paid for their freelance writing jobs. We are going to discuss 3 of them offered by, such as PayPal, Moneybookers, Wiretransfer which are considered to be the most convenient for many freelance writers. We create this article for you so that it would be easier to choose the method that is the best one particularly for you.


Types of payment for freelance writers

Friday, May 21st, 2010

A freelance writer is usually self-employed and is not committed to a particular employer longterm. Freelance writing jobs vary greatly. Some freelance writers require clients to sign written contracts, while others may perform work based on verbal agreements which is a common practice for those who do online writing jobs. Some freelance writers may provide written estimates of work and request deposits from clients. As for the payment for such writing jobs it also varies greatly while freelance writer jobs may be charged by the day, hour or page or article basis. Freelance writers have more freedom to choose their work schedule than in regular writer employment. So, enjoying a greater variety of assignments, essay writers earn a regular income for writer jobs.

Freelance writers today have so many ways to earn money from writing. They should choose the type of work and payment that is best for them. To keep the money coming in and the creativity flowing they choose the payment system that is the best one for them. For example, offers the following payment methods: PayPal and Wire Transfer. It may also be bank transfer/wire transfer, cheque or any other way convenient for you and the party who is to pay for your services. (more…)

Tips on what freelance writers should get rid of

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Freelance writing is mostly done by those who enjoy reading and writing articles. It would be a boring thing for analytics, experts in math unless they are writers at heart. Freelance writers enjoy working from home and not spending the whole day sitting at a stuffy office. They like pouring themselves a cup of coffee and relax while thinking about new topics for writing. Some of them are successful, others are not. Still there are some concepts freelance writers should get rid of if they really want to become successful in freelance writing  jobs.
Do not say that you are the best freelance writer because you will not get far. Remember that even if you are successful, you still have a lot to achieve. Do not stop if you are a good writer, it’s not enough to carry you through.
Stop thinking that clients will find you. If you do not seek for them, you will miss a chance to do writing. Passive approach is not what freelance writers should take. Be active. Look for clients and you will get noticed. Soon you will have regular clients who will bring you success and stable income.
Do not focus on web clients solely. What about your local community: relatives, friends, friends of your friends? Do not miss out such a great opportunity. These people will always rely on you and bring you success in freelance writing.
Do not forget about advertising. Spend money on it. You have to. Do business cards. And communicate with other writers. Join writers’ groups and communities. Be in a fishbowl. Be a freelance writer.
Do not have time to engage Mass Media? Find it. The best freelance writing jobs are on Twitter and Facebook. This is impossible to miss such a great chance to get noticed.
Do not work the whole day through. You will kill yourself. Find time to rest, go to the cinema and speak to your children. Take the time to get away from your laptop. Think about your health.

Tips on how to get online writing jobs

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

If you have talent to write, you will certainly want to try your strength in freelance writing jobs. However, writer jobs are competitive and a fresh freelance writer may feel uncomfortable in a new working environment without the knowledge of how to make his writing meet all freelance goals and keep it demanded. Freelance writing opportunities are great in case you know how to keep your freelance writing job coming. The following tips will help not only new freelance writers but also experienced ones to keep their business successful.

First of all, check whether you have a freelance writing job-seeking schedule. If you have one, ensure that you use it regularly. What for? This is the easiest way in helping you keep on the top of freelance writing jobs industry.

Secondly, put in mind that when you apply for online writing jobs, you’d better make your application early. The reason is simple: freelance writing jobs get hundreds of applications every day and if you want to get noticed and get hired, send your application in the morning.

Thirdly, when you prepare your application for writing jobs, do your best and do it yourself. It must be individually arranged. What to put at the top of your cover letter? If it is an editing job, your editorial experience would be the most appropriate. Be careful and take seriously writing an application.

Fourthly, do not try to get hired at the freelance writing job that is your dream but you feel lack of confidence or experience for it. There is a simple way out: write down what you are missing as a freelance writer for the writing jobs of your dream, and start achieving the goal improving these qualifications.

Finally, you always have the chance to send your application for the writing jobs you want get at a second or third time. This is your chance to get freelance writing jobs.

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