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Freelance writers: focus on your writing jobs

Friday, July 9th, 2010

Freelance writers do not have a boss or any other person who could check their work and make sure that freelancers constantly do their assignments. This fact may greatly influence writer employment as not each freelance writer finds it easy to stay focused on work without being checked up. At the same time it is not a problem for others to do their online writing jobs on-time.

If you find it difficult to be on track to fulfill all the work needed, you will surely benefit from our tips on how to focus on writer jobs without being checked up all the time.

First of all, a proverb “procrastination is the thief of time” does not do for freelance writers as their job depends on the mood and their inner state. For example, some freelance writers find some days easier to do their freelance writing jobs than others. For some freelance writers it is necessary to divide the amount of words to be written into several parts. As an example, a freelance writer puts down 400 words and spends an hour on procrastinating. This time serves as a kind of assistance to freelance writers who continue writing after some time. Each freelance writer determines for himself the time needed, e.g. for some of them 15 minutes is enough to get inspired while others need at least an hour.

Secondly, think about the money you will get after writing. It may seem a little bit self-seeking but it really helps to create the paper that is worth money. Before starting writing a new article, think about the money you will get and how you will spend it. It may be paying the monthly bills, buying a new skirt or even taking a vacation. It usually evokes the interest to write on the topic a freelance writer is given or to express his ideas as soon as it appeared. It also works if you write down what you have already bought on the money that you earned from freelance writing jobs.

Thirdly, create powerful motives. For example, some freelance writers promise themselves to go to a restaurant or cinema, eat a bowl of ice cream when they finish writing a particular article. It is a simple trick but it really works when freelance writers have any problems with performing online writing jobs.

There are many other ways that freelance writers can take advantage of while doing their freelance writing jobs. If you are a freelance writer and have chosen the job where a boss is not checking the status of the fulfilled work, find your way on how to stay focused on your online writing jobs.

Freelance writers: Getting fresh ideas

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

If you are a freelance writer, you were certainly asked a question, “Where do you get your ideas?” at least once in your life. For some freelance writers it is a confusing question while others are always ready to answer this tricky question. Actually, ideas are always free whether you are writing on a serious topic or expressing your own ideas about how to become a successful student.

ideas for freelance writing

Ideas are simply coming but there is still a source of ideas, so to say, that is surely used while writer employment. Among them are mass media, conversations, personal life experience, meeting a fascinating person, being on holidays etc. Just think for a while on what we are usually writing about: what we see, read or hear. So, it is always easy to get fresh ideas even if you are stuck on such a problem. However, it does not mean that you are to duplicate the information you have read or heard. Professional freelance writers never do such a big mistake. They simply get inspired and create fresh thoughts on the same topic. Sometimes they even get original ideas on the unrelated topics. As an example, you may hear about a certain event such as a wedding and then suddenly your thoughts shift to funerals you were present at. Creating original ideas and developing them into interesting stories or even books is what freelance writing opportunities are all about. Immaterial thought which is transferred into the idea that is materialized into a fascinating article is what freelance writers do while performing freelance writing jobs.

Freelance writers should border a line between what is interesting for them and what attracts the readers. Sometimes freelance writers find it difficult to determine whether they are to express the new idea that they got or it is worth waiting for another. The following questions arise: will this thought be interesting for the readers? Will it grab the readers’ interest? The problem freelance writers are to realize: the ideas they are writing about should appeal to their target audience. Freelance writer may touch some points of a broad topic interesting for himself but still he is to write on the subject that is to be revealed.

As a freelance writer, take into consideration the following three rules of the ideas that are to be expressed while writer employment: it must be interesting not only for you but also for your readers; it is to appeal for a target audience; it should depict some aspects of the wide topic.

Good luck with freelance writing!

Payment by Moneybookers for freelance writers

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Detailed explanation of what Moneybookers is by one of our freelance writers. Enjoy the story!
“Choosing the most convenient method of payment for freelance writers is always a problem. I was not an exception. I chose among Wire Transfer, PayPal and Moneybookers.  After taking advices and getting information about all these systems I chose the latter one. The main requirement was simply to register at Moneybookers. I had no problems with the process registering, mentioning my e-mail, home address and other information. There was also the verification process so that I could use my credit card for my balance updates at Moneybookers. As soon as I have registered, I could already receive money on my account at Moneybookers. To be paid for my writer employment, I provided the company with my email address so that funds could be instantly credited to my account balance. The only detail I need to inform you about is that while withdrawing money from the Moneybookers account, you need a reference number/ID and your date of birth. I’m not going to change the method of payment because it takes only 2-3 days for me to be paid. I think this is one of most convenient systems available”.
Zachariah Chaudhary

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