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Freelance Writing and Sex

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Do you know that writing has a lot to do with sex? Of course, it sounds strange but the fact remains to be the fact. While you are doing it, you do not want to get disappointed. While you are enjoying it, a sudden phone call irritates you and distracts. You fantasize about it… sometimes you are not sleeping at night because you are doing it. Writing…

The Heat.

Nothing can compare to the heat of new jobs online, new magazine, new blog. You are given a job and you try to thoroughly explore the depths of the piece’s body. The whole process aims at receiving a satisfying conclusion. You send your piece of writing to an editor knowing that you’ve done your best. You are sure of your skills but you are attentive to an editor’s response.

The Saltines.

There are many positive common features between sex and writing. However, no one can abolish the downsides of writing such as familiarity and boredom. Eddie Murphy said when you are waiting for something, you are like a starving person. When you receive what you longed for (e.g. giving a person who is starving a cracker), you find out that it was all vain (crackers are just the same old crackers you used you).

There is always a fear of rut when you do freelance writing jobs but you have endless ways of flourishing and improving your freelance writing.
•    Revise the past. Analyze what you dreamed about and what you have now.
•    Think of your plans for the future. Ask your editor what new sides of your personality they would like to discover.
•    If you have particular talent, learn more about it. Try something new to bring fresh breath in your freelance writing.
•    Take a break. It is the only right decision when you are perplexed. Time and new experience gives you a clue about what is worth doing further – either move on or take a step back and reinvest in what you have already gained.

Writing and passion go hand in hand. Do not let the fire that kept your writing days and nights wane.

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