The best payment methods for freelance writers

Freelance writers who work for companies or get orders directly from clients should know the way they will receive payments for their writer jobs before fulfilling the first order. Some clients offer the choice of how freelance writers will like to be paid, still in reality they only pay one particular way. If a freelance writer does not specify and choice the method of payment he would like to be paid for his online writing jobs, he may find himself in an unpleasant situation. Before accepting the work, it’s necessary for freelance writers to choose and conform the method of payment that is the best for them to keep the money coming.

There are a couple of different payment methods for freelance writers to be paid for their freelance writing jobs. We are going to discuss 3 of them offered by, such as PayPal, Moneybookers, Wiretransfer which are considered to be the most convenient for many freelance writers. We create this article for you so that it would be easier to choose the method that is the best one particularly for you.


Let’s start with PayPal as a method of payment for writer employment. This is the easiest way to get paid for freelance writers as you they can then transfer the money to their bank account. PayPal makes online payment not only easy but also secure. Unless you want to wait for checks to arrive in the mail, PayPal is your best choice. PayPal charges several levels of fees, but most of freelance writers fall into the “PayPal Standard Rate” category. Actually, if this is the type of account that you have, you will be charged 2.9% plus $.30 on each transaction.

For example, if you receive a $100 payment you will net $96.80; assuming that there are no cross border fees. Sure, this is still better than waiting for a check. All in all, you pay fee for accepting money but you can transfer it to your bank account without paying a fee. Many online writing sites use Paypal as a way to pay freelance writers for writing jobs that you earn. You can sign up at and easily start earning with the help of this reliable payment method. A freelance writer can easily get access to fund transfer, send and withdrawal information online via email. Make sure you have a Paypal account, so you can get paid easier for your writer employment.

How to get paid with PayPal

•  Step 1. Sign in to your Paypal account.
•  Step 2. Go to the ‘Request Money’ section on the Paypal website.
•  Step 3. If you have a simple request, choose the ‘Create a money request’
•  Step 4. If you need to itemize your request, you should choose the ‘Create an invoice’ option.
•  Step 5. Wait for the money to come rolling in.

The next method of payment for freelance writers is Moneybookers. It is a Financial Services Authority UK (FSA) regulated transaction service which is a fast, secure and cost-effective payment withdrawal mode available on All freelance writers want their earnings and their withdrawal to be secure. Moneybookers account offers you the ease of online access to view payment history by freelance writers. In case you choose this method and don’t have an account, you must create one using the same email address with which you registered on With Moneybookers you can easily link your bank account online with Moneybookers’ account and can even withdraw your money directly onto your Credit Card OR Ask for a paper cheque.

How to get paid with Moneybookers.

Step 1. Register your account (it requires your full name, home address, email address and date of birth). Then you will be asked to give a password, which can be changed later for security purposes.

Step 2. Now you may transfer money in and out of your account using a bank transfer or a credit card.

Step 3. To withdraw money, provide the payer with your email address and he can send you payments. The funds will be instantly credited to your account balance. When you are withdrawing money from the Moneybookers account, you need a reference number/ID and your date of birth.

payments for freelance writers

Finally, offers you a form of electronic payment carried out by a bank or a wire transfer service and it is called Wire transfers. They are used every day to send and receive money. There are multiple methods and uses for wire transfers of money, so funds can be sent or received via telephone, fax or Internet transmission. So, if you choose this method all you should have is a standard account set up to receive wire transfers. You can also ask the bank to email you the specific wire instructions so there is no chance of a mistake. Freelance writers can then email these instructions when payment is due and the client or the company can complete the transaction.

How to get paid with Wire Transfer

Step 1. Register a US dollar bank account. Contact your bank and provide the payer with the following information: name on the account, your address, bank account number etc.

Step 2. Log in to your account and follow the steps below:

1.Click on the Get Paid tab on the navigation bar at the top of the page.
2.Next, click on the Withdraw Funds link located on the second row of the navigation bar.
3.Under the ‘Withdraw Funds From Your Account:’ heading, fill in the amount of the withdrawal, and then select your bank account from the ‘Select withdrawal method’ funds drop down. Click Continue and follow the following prompts.

If you are looking to expand or begin your freelance writing career, you should be educated of the main payment methods involved in the career choice. Choose the one among the offered and described above that is the best one for you. Enjoy freelance writing opportunities!

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