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Freelance Writing and Sex

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Do you know that writing has a lot to do with sex? Of course, it sounds strange but the fact remains to be the fact. While you are doing it, you do not want to get disappointed. While you are enjoying it, a sudden phone call irritates you and distracts. You fantasize about it… sometimes you are not sleeping at night because you are doing it. Writing…

The Heat.

Nothing can compare to the heat of new jobs online, new magazine, new blog. You are given a job and you try to thoroughly explore the depths of the piece’s body. The whole process aims at receiving a satisfying conclusion. You send your piece of writing to an editor knowing that you’ve done your best. You are sure of your skills but you are attentive to an editor’s response.

The Saltines.

There are many positive common features between sex and writing. However, no one can abolish the downsides of writing such as familiarity and boredom. Eddie Murphy said when you are waiting for something, you are like a starving person. When you receive what you longed for (e.g. giving a person who is starving a cracker), you find out that it was all vain (crackers are just the same old crackers you used you).

There is always a fear of rut when you do freelance writing jobs but you have endless ways of flourishing and improving your freelance writing.
•    Revise the past. Analyze what you dreamed about and what you have now.
•    Think of your plans for the future. Ask your editor what new sides of your personality they would like to discover.
•    If you have particular talent, learn more about it. Try something new to bring fresh breath in your freelance writing.
•    Take a break. It is the only right decision when you are perplexed. Time and new experience gives you a clue about what is worth doing further – either move on or take a step back and reinvest in what you have already gained.

Writing and passion go hand in hand. Do not let the fire that kept your writing days and nights wane.

Is freelance writers’ success all about money?

Friday, September 10th, 2010

What if I say, “Hey, your freelance writing business doesn’t bring you enough money to pay the bills”? Would you stop freelance writing? No? That’s awesome! But what’s then is your measure of success when we are talking about freelance writing jobs? If it is not the money you get get from freelance writing, then may be your reputation?

Asking freelance writers about how they imagine successful freelance writing, answers are different. As freelance writers’ ideas are diversifying, it becomes almost impossible to define some certain measures of success for online writing jobs. However, all freelance writers who were asked questions: “What are your success features? What let you know that your freelance writing jobs are going up and not down?” named three factors that are listed below.

1. Income/money. For freelance writing business as well as for any other business, money is vital. If the money you have put in your business does not bring you more money, then you have wasted much of them for nothing. When we are talking about freelance writing business, it is meant that money earned by a freelance writer should cover his everyday needs, tax bills and expenses concerning freelance writing jobs. There is no certain amount of money that could be considered to be a threshold for a freelance writer to be called a rich person. Money that will make one freelance writer the happiest person on earth wouldn’t mean anything to another. It depends on a freelance writer what income makes sense to him.

2. The reputation. If you want to be successful in freelance writing, bear in mind that success and reputation go together. Popularity is not always a good reputation because it is the latter that is important in freelance writing jobs. Your articles may be popular and read by thousands but if are never asked to be hired, that means that your reputation is hardly as spotless as you think.

3. The lifestyle. Many freelance writers are engaged in freelance writing jobs because they like the flexibility and the advantages of being self-employed. However, if you are doing online writing jobs only for earning enough money to pay out your bills, you’d better employ for a nine-to-five job with a boss.

These are only some ways of defining freelance writing jobs and you may disagree with them… but you will certainly find at least one paragraph that reflects your viewing of success for freelance writers.

Freelance writers and Sharks: a common way of life

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

No, no! You are not supposed to chomp the clients that are irritating you whatever strong the desire is, but agree – freelance writers have much in common with these ancient species.

Think for a while: why sharks have not changed for millions of years? The most talented freelance writers would definitely give the right answer – sharks are successful from the moment they have appeared. The same situation is with freelance writers. If you have written a perfect article that the public met with delight, be sure – you have found the right way to write. Continue writing in the same style as it will certainly bring you success in freelance writing jobs.
You will tell: it’s simply ridiculous and I will give you another reason for emulating sharks. This marine fish is always in motion. Of course, it is not hinting all the time but it keeps patrolling the water. Freelance writers who want to become famous and independent should always keep moving to keep step with online writing jobs. Finding new clients, new opportunities available is crucial for freelance writers.

freelance writing jobs

Do you have sixth sense? Have you ever heard that sharks can detect the presence of a meal in the water from a mile away? I am sure, you have. You would probably ask me: what’s then? The reason is that freelance writers should develop a nose for finding new clients and freelance writing opportunities. The only difference is that you are to communicate with the possible clients and other people through the Internet, however not all of them will stand you in good stead.

Freelance writers are to be thick-skinned as sharks. Being offensive to all criticism coming from clients can make a freelance writer going crazy. Some clients are easy to deal with while others can become long-term clients in your online writing jobs. Freelance writers are to forget the word “No” in doing freelance writing. I do not mean that you are to take each order coming, but remember: each client is worth communicating with any way.

Sharks always test an object that seems to be a meal. Why not to follow their example and start writing a gig in small parts? Not a large project but small article to become sure that you are really interested in this kind of online writing jobs.

Are you sure that sharks are inherently bad and even worse than other predators? Anyway, most of us abide to this thought. So, if you want to become a big fish in freelance writing jobs, make your best not to spoil your reputation. You should be known as a person who is easy to deal with and does a prefect gig all the time. Otherwise, you will have to survive in freelance writing business and no one is there to give a guarantee that you will get out of it.

Advantages of Freelance Writing

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Well, it’s better to do writing sitting on your new sofa rather than feeling your boss fussing around at a stuffy office.

Many people envy freelance writers because they do not really know what freelance writing actually is. For them, freelance writing is simply writing an article or two (yeap, they think you do it in 10 minutes) and then spending your time, I mean, the rest of the day, with your friends. They associate online writing jobs with sitting on a sofa for the whole day and typing everything that comes into your head.

Of course, most of these images are silly but rather persuasive, don’t you think so? You may wear your pyjamas while doing freelance writing jobs and not be afraid of the boss who suddenly comes into the office and sees you speaking with your friend by mobile phone rather than preparing the report that is to be submitted in 20 minutes. These people think freelance wring jobs are vacation at home.

It annoys, it depresses working for someone else and how it is amazing to be your own boss. There are three main advantages that many freelance writers think of when talking about freelance writing opportunities.

Firstly, freelance writers do not have a bitchy boss. Instead they have polite clients who need their help. Stop. Of course, not all clients are so polite and not all of them are nice to work with. However, freelance writers have an opportunity to choose clients and if a freelance writer realizes that the cooperation with this or that client would bring only stress to his life, he may professionally refuse the person in fulfilling online writing jobs for you.

If you are working for the boss, the only thing you may do is to mutter into your beard what you think about him/her…and clenching your teeth you have to continue doing your job.

Secondly, a freelance writer is the only person who sets your working schedule and chooses the place you would like to do your online writing jobs at. Not always you are to stay at home. Internet is now everywhere, so take your laptop and go with your kids to the summer camp.

freelance writing jobs

Vacation…this is all what office people think about in summer, but not always they are given a chance to take it when it is so warm outside and so stuffy at the office…

Thirdly, freelance writers make money for themselves. They have to pay for their own health insurance but when you make better money that is not a problem – you may afford it.
While freelance writers are getting money, you are still waiting for your monthly salary…

Stop it. You deserve a better life. Become a freelance writer right now and enjoy life with freelance writing jobs!

Freelance writers: Survive While Working From Home

Friday, August 20th, 2010

If you are a freelance writer, then your office is your home. You have endless days for your vacation and hours to be spent with your children. You may watch TV any time you want, go for a walk with your friends and answer every time your mum is calling you. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? But now think for a while of all those disadvantages and challenges freelance writers should overcome each coming day: disorganization, lack of time for freelance writing jobs, lack of interest and motivation etc. It is really difficult to run your own business and be the boss of your time and efforts when no one is fussing around you and controlling all your tasks.

You may think now that doing online writing jobs is impossible because of all these challenges you may face as a freelance writer, but you may be wrong. There are no such difficulties that can not be overcome. Anyway, two-hour lunches are much better than 30-minutes, don’t you think so? We are here to help you develop your freelance writing opportunities and let your freelance writing jobs be on track.

1. Choose Your Workplace. If you are used to perform freelance writing jobs lying on the sofa, let it be. But if you feel that it is not a comfortable workplace for you, create a better one. As a freelance writer you should not take your workplace for granted. Your home and your place for work at home are to be separated. When you start writing, you should feel that you are working and not being disturbed. Choose your corner at home for conducting freelance writing jobs, otherwise you may lose the border between rest and work.

online writing opportunities

2. Stick to Your Schedule and Make People Around You Stick to It Also. You are a freelance writer who has not got a schedule yet, you should set up one and stick to it. What for? It helps you to focus on your online writing jobs and do all your tasks and writing on time. It’s up to you when to work – whether in the morning or at night – but it is a schedule that helps you finish freelance writing jobs before deadline. Enjoy your flexible hours but do not forget about your writer employment. As for your relatives, friends, kinds, spouses, this can be more difficult. They usually do not understand that although you are working from home, you are still working. Boundaries and off limits should be set up. Each freelance writer may do freelance writing jobs only if he is not disturbed while working hours.

3. Vary Your Freelance Writing Jobs and Take Breaks. You are crazy about your online writing jobs? You may spend hours on writing articles? Be careful – your brain needs you to switch to another activity. It is tedious to do the same activities all the day long. Find a new assignment and vary your freelance writing jobs, take breaks and your strengths will be recovered. For example, playing with kids, walking with friends are kinds of switching activities. You are a freelance writer and you may take a fifteen minute nap. A great advantage you have –why not to take it?

4. Eat Fresh Fruits and Do Exercises. Freelance writers are doing creative work and good health is necessary for creativity. Eat healthy food and do exercises as  it is useful for your health. Choose food and exercises that suit you best to improve your freelance writing jobs.

5. Live as You Want to Live. Freelance writers may make the biggest mistake spilling over into their home life. Hobbies, kids, friends, theatres, parties, restaurants, vacation are very important. Throw a party today and you will feel happy. You are doing freelance writing jobs but you should always live.

Enjoy your freelance writing jobs and take all advantages online writing jobs offer you!

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