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Online Jobs: How not to fail writing for kids?

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Freelance writing jobs can require writing a story for kids. You need to be aware of the main rules and pitfalls of writing books/stories/articles for children. It is a certain challenge to create a piece of writing for children which takes practice to achieve and experience. Providing you with common mistakes that people, who are doing online jobs, make will be useful for you. If you are not going to write for a kid now, spend 2 minutes to read this article as there is always a chance that you will have a well-paid order on writing for kids tomorrow.

1. Wrong protagonist. A common mistake of many freelance writers is to choose a chief protagonist not of the same age as an intended reader. Children like to read about animals, human beings, anthropomorphic object of the same spirit as a reader (a kid). It is easy to engage the reader’s interest thought introducing a protagonist that will be identified with the reader.

2. Overwriting. Children like entertaining but short stories, not more than 32 pages. Start writing your story immediately. Grasping children’s attention is easy when you keep things going. Passive voice is difficult for kids to be perceived as well as unnecessary details and extensive use of adjectives. Make your illustrations bright and corresponding.

3. Verse issues.
Children like versed writing with rhyme and musicality. Theme, plot, characters – do not forget about such important issues for online jobs writing for kids.

4. Lack of diversity in the illustrations.
If your piece of writing is accompanied with various pictures that depict various scenes described in a story, then you will have your readers’ attention. Publishers and editors who are responsible for bringing your book to market, should take a final decision over any issue you are doubting about.

Jobs Online: Points to Consider

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

So, you are thinking of doing jobs online? Hmm…that’s a nice idea but there is a precaution for you to consider – no need to give up your full-time jobs. At least before you feel that freelance writing jobs are right what you want to do for the rest of your life. Let’s discuss what is required of a freelance writer who wants to be successful in online jobs. After careful reading you will be able to define whether you were born for online jobs or not. And…a bit for you to know – freelance writing jobs cannot be successfully done if you are not persistent and confident in what you are doing.

Personal Approach. Professionals who do online jobs professionally always have their own approach and understand the needs of the target audience. Acting professionally is what brings success to freelance writers.

Unique ideas. Life experience, newspaper headlines, media, chat shows, and your education are the sources of your inspiration. Having jobs online means that you can rarely be at a loss what to write about – while you seek ideas other freelancers become popular writers.

Meeting the deadline. Do you know that missing the deadline is an unforgivable mistake for any person who starts doing freelance writing jobs? If you are working for a company, inform the department whom you belong to that you will complete the work asap if you do feel like not meeting the deadline.

Proofread and edit. Do fall into a trap of publishing or sending an article to an editor without careful revision. If your work is full of mistakes, you will hardly become a person whose articles are being looking forward.

Goals. Writing career urges you to set certain goals. Start with small and make them realize. In the future, you will notice that you are already able of writing more and of better quality than previously. When you achieve a goal, treat yourself to a small reward. For example, say to yourself: if I write these three articles in 2 days, I will take a rest for one day and visit my relatives.

Make a habit of writing. Write at the same time each day whatever you feel. There is no need to wait for an inspiration as the chances that you can fail your opportunities are great. Do writing on a regular basis and you will see that in some time it will be easy for you to write even when you lack ideas.

Join online writing groups. Being a part of a writing community always helps freelancer to improve the quality of their jobs online. You may get inspired communicating with other people, get other writers’ opinion of your writing and be aware of the latest writing trends.

Learn something new all the time. A broad-minded person is the first criteria of a successful freelance writer. So, learn as much as possible and do not be grudge for spending money on the sources of knowledge, such as magazines or online writing courses.

Take each possible opportunity. As a new freelance writer, do not miss any opportunity your writing career offers to you. Take each opportunity to write as if you were in a miserable situation and to write this particular article is your only hope for surviving. Of course, it is a sought of exaggeration but still – I hope you’ve got the message.

Stay confident and persistent. Never give up – that should be your motto if you are doing online jobs. You cannot know everything but you are free to research and become an expert in the fields you were at a total loss.

Good luck with jobs online! You deserve to become popular and being read!

10 Things Freelance Writers Have to Know

Friday, October 8th, 2010

Being a freelance writer is not easy but freelance writing is beneficial even if you are not going to continue doing freelance writing jobs in the future. There are some main things that all freelance writers learn from enjoying freelance writing opportunities irrespective of the period they take up the profession of a freelance writer. Most of this stuff is useful, some is not – see for yourself.
1. Choosing the easy way is not always the best way. If you are feeling sick and tired of writing jobs, you are likely to have chosen the wrong profession. Better give up freelance writing if it brings nothing except for money for you.
2. Not all freelance writers have the equal talent. Before starting the career of freelance writing, remember that you will always be better than some other freelance writers but there always be those who are more successful and talented than you. You might be an expert in one discipline but know almost nothing about other things.
3. May be you are not a freelance writer who will succeed. It’s not your fault if you wouldn’t become a famous freelance writer.
4. You need friends who are good freelance writers. Reading the blogs, working from home, writing for a living but not making friends with other freelance writers is the wrong way to do. Freelance writing friends may give you huge and interesting ideas for your freelance writing jobs and can even become awesome motivators.
5. Making mistakes doesn’t mean that you are breaking your career.
6. Fear is not a feature of freelance writers. You should never be afraid of doing something new and writing something that you have never experienced before. If you have fear, you will never know what you are capable of and how far your freelance writing career could have gone. Take risks that are a real challenge for you!
7. Find out what you want your clients to know about you. On your portfolio, resume and cover letter, you’d better focus on your experience in the spheres you have dealt with and abilities that you are proud of.
8. Don’t be afraid of expressing your thought and voice.
9. Have a dream and take steps to let it come true. Make your career –do your best.
10. There are no guarantees and secrets. Rely on your writing skills and abilities, on your motivation and time and you will become a successful freelance writer.

Has the time for quitting freelance writing come?

Friday, September 24th, 2010

You may be a talented freelance writer, you may be at the height of your fame but still there is a possibility that you have been freelancing for too long and it is time to rest. It is not about quitting freelance writing jobs but having some time without freelance writing. It may be useful because freelance writers may get new ideas and even think whether it really worth spending their lives on online writing jobs. The majority of those who are doing freelance writing jobs are born writers but some are not. Do you personally consider that you have reached a certain point with freelance writing? Read 4 signs below that may show you that you are up with online writing jobs.

1.    If you are buying your groceries by e-mail. If you are laughing now, then you have not reached the point but…in case your answer is positive, stop freelance writing for a while. Life is passing by you.
2.    You do not understand why your friends can’t go for a coffee with you at 2: 45 PM. Your friends are working at office and their productivity time is from 9 to 5 while everything is different with you. You can’t blame your friends for sleeping at night while you are doing online writing jobs. Maybe you need to change your schedule?
3.    You are sad because you are not aware of what’s going on with your favourite singer/actor. TV is no longer your best friend and you miss it so much that can’t think of your article until you switch on your TV at least for a while.
4.    You discover that going to the bank or other place with window service takes too much of your valuable time. Yes, it is really so. But you have broken yourself of the habit to wait in line for something you need. You are likely to forget what traffic-jams are if you are not going outside from time to time. Maybe it’s time to go for a walk?

Freelance writers need to have a rest when they are sick and tired of their freelance writing jobs. If you have not reached the point when you’d better give up freelance writing, then you are a happy writer. Enjoy freelance writing opportunities!

10 Skills Freelance Writers Should Have

Friday, August 27th, 2010

If you are a freelance writer, you should have certain important skills that would help you realize your freelance writing opportunities. Can you guess what these skills are? No? Oh…make at least some suggestions. I know, you are used to creating grandiose ideas but this time the only thing you are supposed to do is  to make at least one or two suggestions. Do you agree? Then try to make a list of the skills you, as a freelance writer, would advise the novice at freelance writing to have.

I guess many freelance writers would give the first place to the ability to write well and quick hitting upon new ideas. Are you sure you that your intuition has not let you down? Let’s check 10 skills that freelance writers are supposed to have to be successful in online writing jobs.

freelance writers

1. Perfect Spell
Have you ever read articles written by freelance writers who do not use dictionaries? It was surely not the most intelligible writing, I’m sure. Those freelance writers who are not aware of effective spell-checking tool or can’t spell well are likely to fail their freelance writing jobs.
2. Following Grammar Rules
You are not sure whether this comma is necessary? You have forgotten what the Present Perfect Tense is? Oh…Please, do not make me worry about future of freelance writing jobs. Search the rules and learn them NOW.
3. Proofread of the Articles
You are aware of all spelling rules? Your grammar is perfect now? That’s great but that’s not the end because the work created should be always proofread. Taking into account that many freelance writers are disturbed while writing and many of them are doing their online writing jobs at night when the concentration of attention is low, it becomes clear why proofread is crucial.
It helps you to find minor errors that were left unnoticed while writing. It is a good idea to give your piece of writing to someone, let it be your friend. The only note: your friend should be an educated person. However, I am sure that freelance writers communicate with smart people.
4. Write well. Write interesting
A freelance writer who wants to become successful should have his own handwriting that would become familiar to the readers in some time. A well-written content, strong ideas, certain expressions and look – they are all discussing your new article.
5. “Inform the Internet” about Your Talent
If you are a freelance writer, leave the word “modest” for your friends, daughter or neighbors. Freelance writers are never modest, on the contrary – they market themselves and should be ready to spend a certain amount of time on marketing themselves.
6. Info Check
If you want to write original and truthful articles, always double check the facts used in your writing. Research is the main issue of doing online writing jobs and if it drives you crazy, then freelance writing is probably not what you were born to do.
7. Have an inquiring mind
Are you ready to learn new things every day? If your answer is positive, then you are likely to get green light for performing freelance writing jobs. The world of media and publishing is changing too quickly and if you manage to keep pace with these changes, you will become a famous freelance writer.
8. Think Like a Business Owner
You are your own boss and expenses, invoice clients, collect payments are only a part of what you are to manage as a freelance writer. There is no way to avoid these things so be ready to become a small business owner.
9. Be Strong and Indifferent
If you take offence at every remark, freelance writing jobs are not for you. Criticism-tough nature is compulsory for freelance writers as sometimes the comments under your article may seem too severe to you.
10. Be Communicative
Freelance writers have to communicate with clients every day. Read more and communicate more.

Happy writing and acquiring necessary skills!

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