Sharing Preferences in Freelance Writing

Freelance writing gives you a possibility to work at home. All writers choose the most convenient time for working and orders which are interesting for them. Some like to work at night, others – the whole day through. Some freelance writers find it impossible to work under stress while others consider such a state to be the only one that is good for writing. I know some freelancers who sit on their favourite sofas with laptops and create perfect articles. At the same time other people prefer to write using papers and pencils. Listening to music inspires some people but disturbs others making it impossible to do their job. Some people come up with ideas when they are not writing and when they get to writing they do it much faster. This list of preferences may be continued and I am sure that you will easily find your own way of writing here.

Now I want to tell you how I became a freelance writer and to share my own preferences. To become a writer was my goal since I graduated from the university. As many girls, I wrote diary for almost 7 years. But I did it only when I had the deep urge to do so and when I could no longer contain the words that were struggling within me to get out. In other words, I wrote wholeheartedly when I was hurting or in mild depression. Writing diary produced in me a kind of relaxed feeling and fullness of being alive. It was two years ago when I considered writing seriously. Now I am a freelance writer and I write even if I do not feel like writing. I write even if I do not have anything in mind. I write even if I have problems and my husband interrupts my concentration. I write even if I know I do not know where or how to end my topic. I just write.

I write on the laptop usually in the silence of the night. When other people are already tired and come home from office, I start writing. There is only one thing which can stop me from writing: when my four-year old daughter sits on my lap wanting to be cuddled.

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