Freelance writing jobs: 5 types of articles

Each freelance writer finds it difficult to write a unique article but freelance writing jobs presuppose writing articles that should always be interesting for the readers. If you want to sense where the wind blows, you’d better be aware of five types of articles that will help each freelance writer earn money.

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“List” Article.
Freelance writers consider this type of articles the easiest one. They give the list of some related pieces of information and include an introduction, some main paragraphs (the list itself), and a conclusion.

“How to” Article.
These articles are the most popular as they tell the reader how to do something. These are tips and the majority of people find tips not only interesting to read but also useful. In your article you should number each step of the process you are describing. What for? Simply imagine that you are reading an instruction on how to write a book. So, isn’t it easier for you to keep in mind the steps listed rather than the whole information? Be specific with the “how to” article and if possible include into your writing some pictures related to the process you are writing about.

“Roundup” Article.
Writing this type of article, a freelance writer provides a roundup of opinions or information taken from various sources. It may even be the roundup of answers given by experts in a certain sphere.

“Inspirational” Article.
When a freelance writer creates an article or an essay on religion or faith, it is said that he writes an inspirational article. This article aims at making the reader’s life better. There is no need to mention that these articles are difficult to write but are the most interesting for the readers.

“As Told To” Article.
Writing these articles, a freelance writer bases upon other writers’ opinions. The stories are usually bright and contain a lot of information. They are not written in a third-person narrative of the event, but in the first person.

Each freelance writer should choose the appropriate type of an article for a certain situation to be described. This will ensure providing deep thoughts in your article and realizing all your freelance writing opportunities.

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