Is freelance writers’ success all about money?

What if I say, “Hey, your freelance writing business doesn’t bring you enough money to pay the bills”? Would you stop freelance writing? No? That’s awesome! But what’s then is your measure of success when we are talking about freelance writing jobs? If it is not the money you get get from freelance writing, then may be your reputation?

Asking freelance writers about how they imagine successful freelance writing, answers are different. As freelance writers’ ideas are diversifying, it becomes almost impossible to define some certain measures of success for online writing jobs. However, all freelance writers who were asked questions: “What are your success features? What let you know that your freelance writing jobs are going up and not down?” named three factors that are listed below.

1. Income/money. For freelance writing business as well as for any other business, money is vital. If the money you have put in your business does not bring you more money, then you have wasted much of them for nothing. When we are talking about freelance writing business, it is meant that money earned by a freelance writer should cover his everyday needs, tax bills and expenses concerning freelance writing jobs. There is no certain amount of money that could be considered to be a threshold for a freelance writer to be called a rich person. Money that will make one freelance writer the happiest person on earth wouldn’t mean anything to another. It depends on a freelance writer what income makes sense to him.

2. The reputation. If you want to be successful in freelance writing, bear in mind that success and reputation go together. Popularity is not always a good reputation because it is the latter that is important in freelance writing jobs. Your articles may be popular and read by thousands but if are never asked to be hired, that means that your reputation is hardly as spotless as you think.

3. The lifestyle. Many freelance writers are engaged in freelance writing jobs because they like the flexibility and the advantages of being self-employed. However, if you are doing online writing jobs only for earning enough money to pay out your bills, you’d better employ for a nine-to-five job with a boss.

These are only some ways of defining freelance writing jobs and you may disagree with them… but you will certainly find at least one paragraph that reflects your viewing of success for freelance writers.

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