Freelance writers: with their own eyes

The way freelance writers do their freelance writing jobs strongly depends on the way they imagine themselves and determine their freelance writing opportunities. If a freelance writer sees himself as an author or the writer of the articles, he treats his writing differently than those freelance writers who consider themselves entrepreneurs. You may be surprised but still you belong to one or another type of freelance writers if writer jobs are what you like to do and what you are related to.

It is impossible to say which type is better or belonging to which type a freelance writer has more freelance writing opportunities to develop his personality. If you are a freelance writer, you are the person who chooses time and mood for writing. Irrespective of the type to belong to, you have equal opportunities to make a brilliant career as a freelance writer.

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Below are the 5 ways freelance writers see themselves:

1. Author. A freelance writer who views himself as an author adores his job and does writer jobs not for earning but for entertaining. Each article or a book written by this freelance writer is a masterpiece. He spends most of his time doing freelance writing jobs and is not disappointed when he is paid less than he expected. He does writer jobs not for money and he is likely to get up even at night and write down an interesting idea that has come to him, an idea that will become the basis for the next book read by millions. Authors know that the money they get may be not enough even for paying bills, still they continue writing and enjoying their online writing jobs.
2. Writer. There are freelance writers who see themselves as writers. Writers do their freelance writing jobs for living. They have constant clients who make orders and perform the jobs from them. A disadvantage of seeing yourself as a writer is that you have little opportunities and identify yourself by only one task: writing. If a client suddenly decides to stop ordering from you, you will find yourself run out of work.
3. Freelance writer. Freelance writers are both writers and entrepreneurs who understand that performing online writing jobs is more than just the process of writing. They care also concerned with sales and marketing. They do thousands other tasks along with writing articles etc. He is busy most of his time and sees himself as one-man team.
4. Entrepreneur. These freelance writers are looking for new ways of earning money using their writing skills and doing online writing jobs. You think you have never heard of them? Wait a minute. Are you aware of bloggers, folks making money from social media, those who combine writing with design? Sure, you are. These are writers called entrepreneurs. The disadvantage is that they hardly become masters of at least one field as they try to master too many of them.
5. Writing Business Owner. This type of freelance writers sees himself neither as the employee or a hired person. No, he sees himself as the boss how does some writing but still hire other freelance writers to do online writing jobs for him. So, what does he do? He is an editor of writer jobs that other people do for him. Others do his accounting and sales. Minus is that doing administrative and editing tasks, he may completely lose his freelance writing opportunities.

So, what do you think about your freelance writing jobs? Do you belong to any of the following types? Any way, remember that if you are a freelance writer you have many freelance writing opportunities.

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