Advantages of Freelance Writing

Well, it’s better to do writing sitting on your new sofa rather than feeling your boss fussing around at a stuffy office.

Many people envy freelance writers because they do not really know what freelance writing actually is. For them, freelance writing is simply writing an article or two (yeap, they think you do it in 10 minutes) and then spending your time, I mean, the rest of the day, with your friends. They associate online writing jobs with sitting on a sofa for the whole day and typing everything that comes into your head.

Of course, most of these images are silly but rather persuasive, don’t you think so? You may wear your pyjamas while doing freelance writing jobs and not be afraid of the boss who suddenly comes into the office and sees you speaking with your friend by mobile phone rather than preparing the report that is to be submitted in 20 minutes. These people think freelance wring jobs are vacation at home.

It annoys, it depresses working for someone else and how it is amazing to be your own boss. There are three main advantages that many freelance writers think of when talking about freelance writing opportunities.

Firstly, freelance writers do not have a bitchy boss. Instead they have polite clients who need their help. Stop. Of course, not all clients are so polite and not all of them are nice to work with. However, freelance writers have an opportunity to choose clients and if a freelance writer realizes that the cooperation with this or that client would bring only stress to his life, he may professionally refuse the person in fulfilling online writing jobs for you.

If you are working for the boss, the only thing you may do is to mutter into your beard what you think about him/her…and clenching your teeth you have to continue doing your job.

Secondly, a freelance writer is the only person who sets your working schedule and chooses the place you would like to do your online writing jobs at. Not always you are to stay at home. Internet is now everywhere, so take your laptop and go with your kids to the summer camp.

freelance writing jobs

Vacation…this is all what office people think about in summer, but not always they are given a chance to take it when it is so warm outside and so stuffy at the office…

Thirdly, freelance writers make money for themselves. They have to pay for their own health insurance but when you make better money that is not a problem – you may afford it.
While freelance writers are getting money, you are still waiting for your monthly salary…

Stop it. You deserve a better life. Become a freelance writer right now and enjoy life with freelance writing jobs!

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