Has the time for quitting freelance writing come?

You may be a talented freelance writer, you may be at the height of your fame but still there is a possibility that you have been freelancing for too long and it is time to rest. It is not about quitting freelance writing jobs but having some time without freelance writing. It may be useful because freelance writers may get new ideas and even think whether it really worth spending their lives on online writing jobs. The majority of those who are doing freelance writing jobs are born writers but some are not. Do you personally consider that you have reached a certain point with freelance writing? Read 4 signs below that may show you that you are up with online writing jobs.

1.    If you are buying your groceries by e-mail. If you are laughing now, then you have not reached the point but…in case your answer is positive, stop freelance writing for a while. Life is passing by you.
2.    You do not understand why your friends can’t go for a coffee with you at 2: 45 PM. Your friends are working at office and their productivity time is from 9 to 5 while everything is different with you. You can’t blame your friends for sleeping at night while you are doing online writing jobs. Maybe you need to change your schedule?
3.    You are sad because you are not aware of what’s going on with your favourite singer/actor. TV is no longer your best friend and you miss it so much that can’t think of your article until you switch on your TV at least for a while.
4.    You discover that going to the bank or other place with window service takes too much of your valuable time. Yes, it is really so. But you have broken yourself of the habit to wait in line for something you need. You are likely to forget what traffic-jams are if you are not going outside from time to time. Maybe it’s time to go for a walk?

Freelance writers need to have a rest when they are sick and tired of their freelance writing jobs. If you have not reached the point when you’d better give up freelance writing, then you are a happy writer. Enjoy freelance writing opportunities!

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