Freelance Writing – How to Set Rates per Project?

Setting rates for your freelance writing jobs does not follow any rule of thumb. Especially, for newbies this task could nearly be choking. When you enter in the world of internet, you find yourself amid perplexities. Along with bitter experiences you tend to learn new things every single day. Reliable and reputable websites are out there to provide you exceptional projects you can earn supplement money from. Prior to register to any website, make sure you will not end up regretting your decision. Thousands of online writers make millions of dollars every day with these online jobs. However, make sure that your client will pay you. Ransack feedback and ratings of the employer before accepting the project. For newbies it is also a tough task to set the rates.

Procedure to set rates on different freelance writing websites is different. You might need to set rates according to working hours, per project, per x00 words and per job. Whether you set your hourly rates or according to word length, try to ensure the repute and reliability of your employer. If you think you are able to meet the requirements and rate is suitable, ask question to clear every type of ambiguity. Every instruction must be clear in your head so you may not face any difficulty later. For newbies it is necessary to know how to manage time. Many newbies take projects and later are unable to complete it within specified deadline. If meeting deadline is difficult, discuss it with your employer.

See the details of the project. Many writing projects are not mere writing-based projects. An employer might ask you include anchor text, forum posting or posting on the social media websites or online directories. Set the rates after confirming instructions. Because when you confirm the projects it becomes really difficult to alter the instructions. Nevertheless, it is extremely professional to ask questions and take notes. You can go through other freelance writer’s profiles to get an idea about the rates and then set your rates according to the market rates. Establish your repute; this helps you increasing your rates.

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