How I became a freelance writer

At first I thought my friends were joking telling me about a freelance writing job. I knew almost nothing about this profession although I graduated from the university with a diploma of an interpreter/translator. But in my case the word «almost» played the decisive role. «What I knew about it at that moment?» you may ask. Hmm…freelance writers should have excellent writing skills. Frankly speaking, I doubted whether I really had them. Yes, I wrote various essays at university, some articles for the newspaper when I was at school (my mom dreamed about it and I decided to come up to her expectations) and that’s all. Is it enough to become a writer who, as far as I knew, should be a creative person? My friends convinced me that online writing job was exactly what I was looking for. What was left for me when they all as one advised me to try? I fulfilled the necessary form, send some extracts of my writing and waited for the answer from the experienced essay writers.

Now I am an experienced freelance writer who knows all the nuances of this profession and may give you some pieces of advice. The first my advice- do not be afraid to practice something new, especially freelance writing. Try to master it and you will be satisfied with the results and your own achievements. 5 years ago I was feeling lack of worth in myself. I wanted to do something which can get me money but I wanted this profession to be interesting at the same time. Why didn’t I work as an interpreter? I got married right after graduating from the university and now I have 2 children who need me all the time. It was unreasonable to stay at home without earning money. And my friends saved me and my family thanks to the ad they accidentally cut a sign of at one of the Internet sites which offered freelance writer jobs.

If you have the Internet at home and are looking for work-at-home freelance writing opportunities, have writing skills and want to become successful at what you are doing – do not hesitate. Use your chance and who knows may be in a year or two we will become colleagues in the field of freelance writing.

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