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Doing online jobs means that you should write various articles. However, writing is not everything – you need to get used to proofreading as it is a must for freelance writing jobs. There are many reasons why a freelance writer should proofread his writing and they are clear. Non-proofread article containing mistakes can put an end to your freelance writing career.

Before you submit your article, make sure it is carefully proofread – it can cost you too much. So, acceptance or rejection – what will you chose? Of course, the first variant is what you are aiming at. Below are some tips for you to submit top quality and absolutely flawless articles.

1.      Consider your word processor’s spelling check. When you are writing, you are likely to miss some spelling points.

2.      After you write an article, read it aloud. It is easier to hear some things that need to be changed.

3.      Try to complete your article at least 24 hours before the deadline. Put it aside and then read in an hour before submitting – you will read your article on the other way and will spot errors if they are left.

4.      Ask your friend to read your writing. Ask him/her to pay attention not only to spelling points, but also sentences for they may be unclear.

5.      Try to read your article backwards at least once.

Proofreading is the last step before submitting your article, so make sure that is done and done carefully. Believe experts – proofreading makes difference to your freelance writing jobs.

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