Online Jobs: Ways to Prevent Procrastination

Freelance writing jobs have one enemy: procrastination. If you are not an experienced freelance writer, you risk facing this enemy at first. Writing under deadlines means that you stay depressed all the time which results in worsening the quality of writing and losing clients… Do not be afraid: there is a secret weapon against procrastination.

Tip #1
Let’s imagine: you have a piece of writing to be done in 7 days. You decide to push the completeness of the project for a while. Why do you resort to procrastination? If you want to avoid doing online jobs and try to postpone writing until “better times” that will hardly work. The only thing you get in result is wasting valuable time and thinking of this tough project. Isn’t it better to use this time productively? Commit to performing jobs online without pushing writing aside.

Tip #2
In case you feel that the project is too difficult for you or you cannot find the right way to start, it’s better to divide writing into several parts. This way you find an excuse for procrastination: one project can weary the mind. However, you should not give up writing even for a single day. Switch to another project after you have done a part of the bigger one. Constant freelance writing jobs performance helps freelance writers retain sanity and achieve success.

Tip #3
Do you know what professional freelance writers use to work at peak efficiency? It is schedule. As soon as you get a new piece of writing, put it in your schedule, set the deadline and start writing. Schedule prevents you from procrastination although shifting a schedule is inevitable. When you have scheduled jobs online you are to do, you are less likely to push them aside.

Tip #4
Look at your schedule each day before going to bed. If you see that a challenging project is to be done soon, read the details the night before completing it. Your subconscious mind will help you find interesting ideas so that focusing on a project would not be a problem for you in the morning. Creativity is right where you seek it – just do not forget to look over a project in advance.

Tip #5
If you are procrastinating jobs online because writing seems difficult and exhausting to you, your strategy is wrong. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Do you remember this proverb? Start doing writing without thinking of the time you can spend on it. Once you are done with it, it will seem to you that the project was not as hard as you expected. You can put aside online jobs for an hour to let ideas come up to you. As soon as you feel that you are “on roll”, start typing.

Tip #6
Depression and frustration is not the best condition for writing. Speak to someone about your problems. If you cannot generate positive ideas, saying aloud your worries will dispose you to writing. Do not expect that your friend will give you ideas – you should be grateful to him\her for letting you expressing your thought aloud.

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