Online Jobs: How not to fail writing for kids?

Freelance writing jobs can require writing a story for kids. You need to be aware of the main rules and pitfalls of writing books/stories/articles for children. It is a certain challenge to create a piece of writing for children which takes practice to achieve and experience. Providing you with common mistakes that people, who are doing online jobs, make will be useful for you. If you are not going to write for a kid now, spend 2 minutes to read this article as there is always a chance that you will have a well-paid order on writing for kids tomorrow.

1. Wrong protagonist. A common mistake of many freelance writers is to choose a chief protagonist not of the same age as an intended reader. Children like to read about animals, human beings, anthropomorphic object of the same spirit as a reader (a kid). It is easy to engage the reader’s interest thought introducing a protagonist that will be identified with the reader.

2. Overwriting. Children like entertaining but short stories, not more than 32 pages. Start writing your story immediately. Grasping children’s attention is easy when you keep things going. Passive voice is difficult for kids to be perceived as well as unnecessary details and extensive use of adjectives. Make your illustrations bright and corresponding.

3. Verse issues.
Children like versed writing with rhyme and musicality. Theme, plot, characters – do not forget about such important issues for online jobs writing for kids.

4. Lack of diversity in the illustrations.
If your piece of writing is accompanied with various pictures that depict various scenes described in a story, then you will have your readers’ attention. Publishers and editors who are responsible for bringing your book to market, should take a final decision over any issue you are doubting about.

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