Payment by Wire Transfer in details

It is always easier to understand the process of payment when a freelance writer just like you tells about his own experience. Wire Transfer is the topic we would like to cover in this post.

“Freelance writing job is what attracted me even when I was a student but at that time I had no chances to get freelance writing opportunities. When I was free to do whatever I wanted, I decided to become a freelance writer. The only problem was choosing the payment method that would be the safest for me. I chose the electronic payment (Wire transfer) to be carried out by a bank I had already business with – JP Morgan Chase Bank. All I needed to do get my money for the job was to open a standard account in this bank which was set up to receive wire transfers. It took only half an hour to open my bank account. As soon as I opened it, I informed the company about it and was waiting for the first payment. I received my payment in 2 days after the company sent money on my account. You may only imagine how happy I was to get my money! The bank deducts $25 for each transaction and this is the only disadvantage I have found. Among advantages I may list the speed – it always takes 2-3 days to get my money and convenience – you just need to go to the bank and get money from bank account, so there is no need to cash money from electronic payment systems”.
Shariq Zafar

3 Responses to “Payment by Wire Transfer in details”

  1. Ramshar says:

    It also works with AXIS Bank)

  2. Rahman says:

    Oh, I also use Wire transfer but the only difference is that I get my money from ICICI Bank.

  3. Fadil says:

    Previously I used AXIS Bank for my money transactions, now I am also with JP Morgan Chase Bank.

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