PayPal – freelance writer’s experience

One of our freelance writers is willing to share his experience using PayPal to be paid for his freelance writer jobs with our company. It is so detailed that it may help you understand better what PayPal is. Enjoy)

“When I became a freelance writer, I was sure that everything would be Ok, the only thing I was worrying about was whether I would really get paid for my writer employment. The first order and the first try to get my money…As my friends recommended to me, I chose PayPal as one of the best the method to be paid for my freelance writer jobs. The first thing I had to do was to open a PayPal account – sign up at It required a credit card with at least some US dollars on it and e-mail. Opening a PayPal account was easy to do because I needed only to choose the type of account, input my personal information and CC ID. The first step was done but I still doubted whether everything was done properly. My friends calmed me down convincing that as soon as I perform my first order, company will transfer the money to my bank account via PayPal. I did me best performing the first order, and was waiting to be paid. As soon as I completed the order, I started to check my PayPal account to see whether I have got the payment for my freelance writing job. There was no money…I began to be nervous. Still I felt free to contact the company and ask them about the payment. You know, I simply forgot that the company makes payments two times a month – on the 1-3 and 15-17. I continued writing and when the happiest days for all freelance writers came (I mean the days of being paid), I received funds within 24 hours. Amazing! I felt motivated and it encouraged me to write more and more. This was my first experience working with PayPal. Now I have been working with PayPal more than 2 years already and I understand that this is the easiest and the safest method to be paid for writer employment“.
Japheth Masinde

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