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How often do you feel exhausted and stressed at the end of the day? Now think of those days when you do almost nothing of your online writing jobs but you are still feeling busy and nervous. Sounds familiar to you? Many freelance writers feel lack of productivity and that is why the problem of draining the energy and time should be solved. Otherwise it will result in loosing any interest in doing freelance writing jobs as well as realizing freelance writing opportunities.
If you want to know what you spend your time on during the day and why you are so exhausted, write down all the tasks you are performing keeping track of the minutes. At the end of the day look at the list of all these activities and define which of them bring you no benefit. This is the simplest way to find out why you, as a freelance writer, have become a victim of time. Now try to determine the energy drains to find possible ways on improving not only freelance writing jobs but also your life.

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Below is the list of the most common things that drain freelance writers’ time.

Internet. Think for a minute how much time you spend on blogs, websites, and other fun distractions, speaking nothing of email or chat/IM/Twitter? Your valuable time is spent on what may be read on those days when you are not overloaded. Considering Twitter and chats, do not use them during the days when you are doing your online writing jobs if you want to become a successful freelance writer.

Email. You may argue that freelance writers need email. Yes, checking email is the essential part of doing freelance writing jobs still it would be better if a freelance writer chooses certain time to empty inbox and not to do it all the day long.

Games. Are you used to play solitaire and other Internet games? So, do not ask yourself why you did not manage to meet the deadline or write an article. Stop playing the games and you will have a lot of time for the writer jobs that bring you not only satisfaction and joy but also money.

TV. Are you one of those people who spend hours every day watching TV? Turn off the tube and take advantage of the time you will have. 4 additional hours sounds pretty good, isn’t it?

Phone and Meetings. Try to limit the amount of meetings you have per day. However, those meetings which are useful for your online writing jobs are worth arranging. If you prefer to communicate through the phone, think for a while about advantages of email communication. You are saving your time with voicemail.

Got it? Try to make all these ideas come true. And now start analyzing what factors and things exhaust your energy.

Mess. Don’t you think that one of the factors of draining your energy is cluttered surroundings? If the place you are working at is neat, you feel comfortable. You are a freelance writer and you do not have to sit at office so make sure that your house is uncluttered.

Overloading. If you have lots of tasks to do, many articles to be written, this may really exhaust you because not only your freelance writing jobs are to be done. Freelance writers should also care of their families and find time for joy. Try not to overload yourself, make your schedule freer. If you have not completed the tasks before deadline, want it or not, you will also feel exhausted. Psychologically all your unfinished tasks put pressure on you.

Unhealthy food and nervousness. Make sure that you eat healthy food such as fruits, nuts and grains needed for freelance writers who should renovate their energy. Try to keep yourself under control and get less frustrated.

Remember that distributing your time and energy in a proper way helps freelance writers to realize all their freelance writing opportunities.

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