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The key rule for each freelance writer is: you must write. If you want to become a famous freelance writer, the one whose books and articles are read and waited eagerly for, you must write. Writing is all that freelance writing jobs are about. Then what’s the main problem with freelance writing? It may sound banal but freelance writers can’t find time to write. There are only 24 hours a day and for some of us it is difficult to find time for writing. Family is above all, we care about our relatives, go for a walk with friends and when we are ready to write an article, someone calls and writing is postponed till the late evening. How many of freelance writers are not exhausted and may create brilliant pieces of writing? I guess, not many of us…

So, what’s to be done? Where to find free time and how to divide it? Do you really think that it is too difficult? You are wrong. Some tips for you on where to find time for freelance writing.

freelance writer tips

Make a record of your activities each week in order to eliminate those which are unnecessary. Besides, such a list makes it clear which activities are worthless and time-consuming. For example, if you spend lots of time on communicating with your friends, limit this gossiping up to 20 minutes per day instead of 3 hours. Remember: if you want to become a successful freelance writer, you have to sacrifice something for writer jobs.

If you are one of those people who like laying in bed half a day, then watch TV and start writing at evening, you will hardly become a famous freelance writer. You should enjoy writing and when getting up early, you’d better think of a new article and new ideas for it. You should choose the most convenient time for writing, time when you are most creative.

Both lunch time and travel time are good for research: you kill two birds with one stone. Many cafes have Wi-Fi and Internet at your service so that you may not only eat but also do your online writing jobs. When you are taking the train or the bus to work, why not to use this time on writing rather than sleeping or simply looking out of the window? New ideas often come when you find yourself in a new interesting place. As soon as a fresh idea appears, write it down and then type it in the computer.

If you feel that you are lack of time for writing, ask your family or friend to look after your children for a day or two. Freelance writers do so sometimes. Foe example, writing a book means no distraction. Do you personally believe that you may write a book when your lovely daughter asks you to play with her?

Time is what is the most important for freelance writers. If you manage to find it, you may be sure that your freelance writing opportunities will be fulfilled.

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